Universal genius for more safety during excavation work

Recommended excavator size: 6 to 50t

Standard at the highest level - for more safety during excavation work<br/> Where narrow trenches, line zones or backfilling pose high demands on the compactor, working with the US universal compactor replaces tedious and risky compaction with a hand-operated rammer. <br/> The slimline design of the manoeuvrable US universal compactor ensures maximum side clearance and optimum handling, while its specific shape also guarantees optimum compaction even in places that were previously difficult to access.

A shorter overall service life compared to conventional technology

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Universal compactor US 8-2

Application area

Line zone

Weight with rotary mechanism [Kg]


Base plate W x L [mm]

250 x 830

Height H [mm]


Filling height / load

20-40 cm / 2 to

MTS rotary mechanism


X1 switching level

Oil requirement [l/min]: 55-140
Working pressure [bar]: 120-250
Centrifugal force [kN]: 12
Frequency [Hz]: 38





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