Recommended excavator size: 0 to 120t

Perfectly compacted? Just check it out! You can measure the load-bearing capacity and compaction quality of substrates in just 2 minutes with the HMP light drop-weight device - simply set up, measure and evaluate.

per measuring point, intuitive menu navigation, individual setting options and measurement result immediately available

Few individual parts, ergonomic design

Comprehensive correlations with other test procedures available, calibrated through certified calibration centre

Can be inspected even in hard-to-reach places such as trenches

and archiving of all measurement data, documentation of measurements immediately on site with printer hard copy

Data transfer to MTS-VA, data export and processing with HMPtransfer app and HMPreport software


for USB, thermo-printer, Bluetooth and GPS

Power supply

4x R6 batteries

Dimensions [mm]

211 x 100 x 26

Subsidence measurement range

0,1 bis 0,2 mm 

Elasticity measurement range

Evd < 225 MN/m²

Temperature range

0 - 40 Grad

Storage capacity

internal 500 measurement series

Menu navigation selectable

18 languages

MTS product portfolio 2018

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HMP compaction-testing apparatus

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