Recommended excavator size: 21 to 45t

The V10 attachment compactor is our powerful heavyweight with absolute efficiency. The extremely robust unit achieves maximum compaction performance within seconds. It is suitable for all excavator classes from 21 to 45 tons and is optionally available as a WA compactor.

For the homogenisation of soils

Recommended excavator size: 20 to 28t

Recommended wheel loader size: 9-15t

The MTS soil recycler, in combination with the binding agent spreader, is the perfect all-round solution when it comes to soil preparation: You can apply a metered quantity of binding agent to the existing soil during backfilling, mix it in using the soil recycler and then re-fill it directly.

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Soil recycler (ObLX) B180-3

Bucket volume [m³]


Height H [cm]


Width W [cm]


Depth D [cm]


Screen surface [m²]


Weight [kg]

F80C 2.050
F20S 2.300

Shaft type

F80C Wellentyp F80CWellensatz F80C

F20S Wellentyp F20S Wellensatz F20S

Rec. Oil quantity [l/min]

F80C 200
F20S 130

Max. oil pressure [bar]


Soil recycler (ObLX) B180-3

Simple and safe to transport
Transport Bodenrecycler Transport Bodenrecycler Transport Bodenrecycler


Central lubrication system of the soil recycler