The free MTS construction aid software is your assistant for all possible situations in civil engineering, designed to be used on tablet PCs.
his software is a treasure trove of formulas that can be calculated directly, whether through a diverse selection of geometries, including the angular relationships and trigonometric functions of the sine, cosine or tangent, or the theorem of Pythagoras.
The civil engineering material calculator is supplied with the software to determine the building materials necessary at the construction site. This requirements calculator works out the required number of plasters or the weight of the desired materials based on the area or volume. You can edit and also add all materials in order to be able to tailor this individually to your construction site.

The tools

  • All standard calculations with addition, multiplication, subtraction and division
  • Variable display of decimal places
  • Simple navigation in the calculation function
  • Storage of the calculation functions and subsequent editing
  • Quick storage of the result and easy retrieval
  • No foreign terms
  • All important functions in the scientific calculator, from root to logarithm and power
  • All important angle functions

  • Selection of the most diverse, creation of your own and editing of existing material types
  • Simple conversion of length units and weight
  • Plaster:
    • Calculation of area, number of stones and weight of stones
    • You need to know the weight per stone and the quantity per square meter
  • Building material/ backfilling material:
    • Calculation of the weight and volume of the material
    • The only information required is the density of the building material
  • Palisades/steps/plates:
    • Input of the dimensions of the palisade/step/panel
    • Calculation of the volume of the number and the weight
  • Asphalt calculator:
    • Calculation of paving area, paving thickness and requirements
    • The information required is the density of the building material

  • All important geometries
  • Also available with special shapes,
    • Calculate gradients and slopes
    • Pythagorean theorem
    • Angle and coordinate conversion
  • Simple input of the values and the remaining values are offset.
  • Extra large image for viewing the geometry
  • Conversion of the different length units
  • Fast and reliable angle conversion

  • Display for the suggested and maximum bulk level of an MTS compactor
  • Extra display for a variable bulk level of the materials: gravel, screen debris and clay
  • Warning colours indicate the optimum bulk level
  • Concise info about the compactors and about the compaction

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