The MTS-DISPO module enhances the functionality of MTS-SMART with scheduling functions. Devices can be requested by employees directly at the construction site and the orders can be further processed by the scheduler This makes the procurement of working materials, the ordering of machinery and devices and the organisation of logistics considerably faster and more efficient. 

The scheduler has an overview of which devices have to be procured from rental parks, which devices and machinery are free or in use and can be transferred from one construction site to the next. Unnecessary telephone calls and queries between the construction site and the scheduling department are avoided, since all employees always have up-to-date information on the availability and delivery dates of devices. The app is easy to use and can be run without any training. 

ERP interfaces enable direct access to the goods management system and ensure lean and efficient processing.

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The benefits

Mobile needs assessment

All requests are recorded on-site directly via smartphones/tablets and forwarded online. <br/>

Efficient requirements planning

Optimised processes in your company mean that SMART-Dispo pays for itself in no time.<br/>

Connects construction site and office

Direct access to all information, straightforward exchange of photos and documents, both from the construction site as well as from the office.<br/>

Quick and reliable

Data is transferred securely via mobile radio to high-performance cloud systems. All data is processed, stored and archived for the long term there.

Overview of all functions

  • Direct request of devices/machinery on the construction site via the app (simple like webshop)
  • Requirements planning on scheduling board for all devices with coloured bar chart (occupied, free, etc.)
  • Creation of orders, generation of delivery notes (ERP interface)
  • Colleague has direct overview of the processing status of an order via the app
  • Monitoring of budgets and accounting of cost centres

MTS product portfolio 2018

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