Recommended excavator size: 21 to 45t

The V10 attachment compactor is our powerful heavyweight with absolute efficiency. The extremely robust unit achieves maximum compaction performance within seconds. It is suitable for all excavator classes from 21 to 45 tons and is optionally available as a WA compactor.

Recommended excavator size: 18 to 35t

The V8 attachment compactor provides individually expandable solutions. The clever modular principle means that the standard compactor can be gradually upgraded to a true all-rounder.

Change of add-on plates within seconds with the Attachment compactor V8 WA

Can be operated from the driver's cab. No more accident hazards and emission loads in the trench

Higher range and good side clearance

The variability of the impact force provided by the X3 switching level ensures safe compaction in vibration-sensitive regions.

Indicates when the end of the compaction has been reached

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Attachment compactor V8

Weight with rotary mechanism [Kg]


Base plate W x L [mm]

820 x 1.425

Height H [mm]


Filling height / load

60-80 cm / 6 to

MTS rotary mechanism

R9, R18

X1 switching level

Oil requirement [l/min]: 150-240
Working pressure [bar]: 200-250
Centrifugal force [kN]: 90
Frequency [Hz]: 38

Attachment compactor V8

X2 switching level

Oil requirement [l/min]: 135-240
Working pressure [bar]: 250-310
Centrifugal force [kN]: 50
Frequency [Hz]: 45

X3 switching level

Oil requirement [l/min]: 165-240
Working pressure [bar]: 300-310
Centrifugal force [kN]: 90
Frequency [Hz]: 60

Frequency control (FQ)


Load assistant (ALA)


End of compaction indicator (VA)

optional (only in connection with X3 switching level)





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