Bünde base

Bünde base

In terms of numbers, the strongest manpower is sent north by MTS: The new Bünde base, headed by Marco Fecke, will be staffed by five men at the start and will serve the largest metropolitan area in Germany from here. Everything is on offer in Bünde: from construction site consulting and service to training courses and demo sites, from a rental fleet to our own soil laboratory. Only the production is retained at Hayingen. Marco Fecke has been focusing on cooperation right from the start in order to cover the large sales area effectively. The first step was towards training institutions such as Bau ABC Rostrup (Bremen) and ABZ Oberhausen (Ruhr area), where he intends to permanently set up training courses in 2018 and also train instructors. Fecke is also installing exciting flagship projects. "Our aim in principle is to embed our message in the consciousness of the construction industry and to ensure that topics such as automation and digitisation are established across the board," says the young base manager, outlining his approach.

Feuchtwangen base

Base manager Tobias Hesse has been advising his customers in Northern Bavaria for six years - now also under the official base flag since July 2017, assisted by four skilled colleagues. The complete service portfolio including all training courses is offered. The program also includes immediate on-site support. "The development in Northern Bavaria is progressing rapidly," says base manager Tobias Hesse. "The benefits of innovative automation and digitisation strategies have been firmly established in the consciousness of local building contractors for a long time and have been implemented in many construction projects. Numerous flagship projects are ensuring that the region is a true pioneer in the use of innovative civil engineering technologies." Soil preparation is currently at the forefront of the race. Closely followed by the digital construction site. The key to success from Hesse's point of view is the combination of consulting and training typical of MTS: "Because enthusiasm is the ultimate motivation on the road to success".

Bad Liebenwerda base

The new base in eastern Germany commenced operations on March 1st, 2017 under the management of Vinzenz Neumann. The experienced site manager and his team provide advice and training on site, while in-house exhibitions and conferences are held with partners in the region. A workshop service on site is also planned. The colleagues delivered their first official appearance in mid-March 2017 with a road show in Leipzig. This was followed at the end of March by the "Innovative Civil Engineering Technology" symposium in Berlin. The BIV demonstration days in Freiberg, which were also received with great interest, followed almost two weeks later. More events are planned. Neumann is pleased with the response to the initial events, "even if the foundations for innovative civil engineering technologies need to be paved even further: whereas fully hydraulic quick-change systems are already part of the basic equipment in other places, in Germany it is often still necessary to establish the necessary basis for fully hydraulic add-on devices.