Recommended excavator size: 1 to 54t

Genuine Swiss quality: The robust clamshell grabber can not only be used as a sorting device on your construction sites, but also as a demolition device for heavy work. The multi-purpose grabber can also be used for stone setting work, excavating earth and loading coarse bulk material. It can be set in a standard container with the shovel completely open.

Demolition and sorting grabber: Loading, sorting, demolishing, moving

Multi-purpose grabber: Loading, sorting and moving stones

Better side view and no lamella effect, comfortable handling

with lower power consumption due to two hydraulic motors arranged on the outside of the slewing ring, shut-off valve on grabber function

double slewing ring bearing, protected cylinder, reinforced pivot points

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Excavator classes

SG 2-E

Excavator classes: 1-2 tons

SG 5-E

Excavator classes: 4 - 6 tons

SG 8-E

Excavator classes: 4 - 8 tons

SG 10-E

Excavator classes: 4,5 - 10 tons

SG 15-E

Excavator classes: 8 - 15 tons

Excavator classes

SG 20-E

Excavator classes: 13 - 20 tons

SG 25-E

excavator classes: 18 - 25 tons

SG 36-E

excavator classes: 23 - 36 tons

SG 54-E

Excavator classes: 36-54 tons

MTS product portfolio 2018

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EGLI sorting grabber

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