The strategy of partial automation is based on clearly coordinated product areas that can be interlinked seamlessly and smoothly. In order to implement this strategy consistently, we have teamed up with partners who are leaders in their fields and round off our portfolio. Close cooperation has resulted in a far-reaching sales network and a beneficial exchange of product developments.



The world's leading manufacturer of fully automatic quick-change systems. The OilQuick product range provides a comprehensive line of fully automatic quick-change systems with integrated hose coupling functionality for excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts, loaders and cranes. The OilQuick technology also allows hydraulic add-on devices to be changed at the touch of a button from the driver's cab. Connection time approx. 10 seconds!

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The company was founded in 1992 by the brothers Roland and Urs Egli, themselves originally from the agricultural sector and trained agricultural machinery mechanics. A machine import from Italy in 1994 opened the door to crushing technology and therefore to the machine trade. The product range has since expanded to more than 10 product groups to meet landscaping and civil engineering requirements. Gebrüder Egli Maschinen AG boasts high-quality general agencies for Switzerland with products such as Schliesing wood chippers, Rayco milling machines and OilQuick® (hydraulic quick-change system), which it is very proud of because they stand out clearly in terms of quality and functionality.

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"The increasing demand from Austrian building contractors has prompted us to make an appearance at this year's MAWEV show together with the Bau Power Group at a practically oriented partner stand and to present our digitisation and automation strategies on site using live demonstrations," explains MTS consultant Gerhard Schrode. Last year, he took over the role of providing support for Austria and sees a great need for consultation regarding the use of the technologies. "We want to pick people up where they are standing right now: Building contractors have long been aware of the need to rethink, but when it comes to implementing their projects they need not only manufacturers, but real partners by their side".

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DT Automatyzacja

MTS is taking a further step beyond the German-speaking horizon in the direction of Poland: The Hayingen-based mechanical engineering company, together with a construction machinery dealer and a civil engineer from Bialystok, is now also paving the way for automation in the Polish construction industry. The Poles decided to pay a visit to Hayingen at the start of the sales partnership to meet one another. Both sides are in agreement when saying goodbye: "If you want to build a market sustainably, you have to sell solutions and not just machines."

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People in the Netherlands have also become curious about the innovative power and quality of MTS products. Gerlasco, a resourceful construction machinery dealer from Hellouw, certainly has a role to play here. The company has specialised in the leasing and sale of innovative construction machinery for civil engineers and recyclers for more than 25 years now. The Dutch market is not yet sufficiently equipped for fully hydraulic add-on tools. But Gerlasco wants to change that in the near future.

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